About us


​When factors like unpredictable weather, unstable market conditions and production loss interfere with a farming business, Ag​​ricorp’s risk management programs provide a vital lifeline for producers.

Working with the Ontario Ministry of Agricultu​re, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), our government and non-government programs help Ontario producers manage agricultural risk. We are ​​proud of our unique role in Ontario’s agriculture industry and we work constantly to understand our customers, their hopes and ambitions and the implications unpredictable occurrences have on their livelihood. At the core of it all, is our assurance to listen and respond to our customers.

Our more than 400 employees serve more than 47,000 producers province-wide ensuring the smooth, swift delivery of our many programs. Our main office is in Ontario’s agriculture heartland – n​​ot downtown Toronto – and our field staff can often be found around kitchen tables and in farmers’ fields across the province, connecting with the people who participate in our programs.