Production Insurance

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Production Insurance and AgriStability are complementary programs that addre​​ss different risks faced by Ontario producers.

While Production Insurance protects Ontario producers from yield reductions and crop losses caused by factors beyond their control, AgriStability protects whole farms against large margin declines caused by any combination of production losses, adverse market conditions, or increased ​​costs.

When you participate​​ in both AgriStability and Production Insurance, you maximize the benefits of the government risk management programs available to you. For example:

  • Production Insurance claim payments count as income in calculating your AgriStability reference margin.
  • Depending on weather and/or market conditions, in a given year you could receive an AgriStability payment, a Production Insurance claim – or both.


AgriInvest is a savings account with matching government contributions. You ca​​n withdraw the funds at any time for risk mitigation or investments. In Ontario, AgriInvest is delivered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

​Your Production Insurance claims are included when AAFC calculates your allowable net sales (ANS), which is used to determine your maximum matchable deposit under AgriInvest. This protects your ANS in the years that you have a Production Insurance claim.

​​Risk Management Progr​am (RMP)

Production Insurance and​​ the Risk Management Program (RMP) work together to create an effective risk management program for Ontario producers. Each program addresses different risks:

  • RMP helps producers offset losses caused by low grain and oilseed prices.
  • Production Insurance protects producers from yield reductions and crop losses.

RMP helps producers manage risks beyond their control, like fluctuating costs and market prices. The program is available for the cattle, edible horticulture​​, grain and oilseed, hog, sheep and veal sectors.

Starting in 2012, participation in Production Insurance is an eligibility requirement for​​ RMP: Grains and Oilseeds.

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