Risk Management Program
Edible horticulture

Appeal decision

​​​​If you disagree with a decision about your file, a payment or your eligibility for SDRM: Edible Horticulture, please contact Agricorp. You have three months from receiving a payment or notice from Agricorp to raise the issue.

Agricorp will then review and assess the issue. If Agricorp’s assessment is not satisfactory, you may request a review by the Business Risk Management Review Committee (BRMRC). Your written request must be submitted within 90 calendar days of receiving the written assessment from Agricorp. This request must contain the following:

  • The nature of the request for review. The request for review must set out the decision that you want the BRMRC to review;
  • The ground(s) which you intend to rely upon during the request for review; and
  • The information and documentation that you will rely upon during the request for review.

The BRMRC will make non-binding recommendations to Agricorp regarding your review. Agricorp may accept the recommendations in full or in part, or may decline to follow the recommendations. There is no further right of review process of Agricorp’s final decision through the program.

An Agricorp representative can provide you with information on how to make a request to the BRMRC.

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