Early access to 2015 claim form and Statement A

AgriStability customers can now access their personalized 2015 claim form and 2015 Statement A on October 1, three months earlier than in previous years. This is beneficial to farmers with off-calendar year-ends because it allows them to file closer to their business’s year-end using a personalized form instead of a blank form. 

Both personalized forms are available by signing in to Customers who choose not to use online services will receive their forms in the mail in January. If a customer would like them earlier, they can contact Agricorp to request that their personalized forms be mailed to them.

Making personalized forms available earlier is just another way we’re making it easier to do business with us. Earlier this year, AgriStability customers were introduced to a new claim form that was condensed to half of its previous size and to a new renewal process that more closely aligns with other programs they participate in. 

Other programs that require a Statement A

​​​For farmers in AgriInvest 

For the first time, farmers who are in AgriInvest only will have access to a personalized version of the Statement A instead of a blank form. This form can be accessed from the AgriInv​est Forms page on​

To access their personalized form, farmers will be asked to enter their AgriInvest PIN, telephone number and postal code. Please note: Customers who participate in other Agricorp programs must sign in to or contact us to request a form.

For farmers in SDRM: Edib​le Horticulture 

Because AgriStability is no longer a requirement for the Risk Management Program, SDRM: Edible Horticulture customers who cancelled their AgriStability coverage will no longer access their Statement A in Agricorp’s online services from the AgriStability page. Instead, customers will be able to access their Statement A in online services by going to the SDRM: Edible Horticulture page. This change will be complete by the end of October.

Not regist​​​ered for online services?

Customers who haven’t registered for online services can contact Agricorp to register. By registering, customers can:

  • Complete forms when it’s most convenient for them, with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Ensure their forms are completed accurately. Online forms have built-in prompts to help customers provide the right information.
  • Receive a confirmation that their information was received as soon as they submit it
  • View their program records online – all in one place.