4 ways fruit producers can protect their business

​​​Challenging weather such as frost, hail and extreme cold can hurt production of fruit crops. That's why it's important to make the most of the available risk management options. There are many ways Agricorp can help protect fruit businesses from the effects of harsh weather.

  1. Production Insurance covers production through nearly 100 different crop plans. If actual yields fall below a producer's guaranteed production level, a claim may be paid on the difference. The plans include features that adjust reported yields to stabilize coverage and offer discounts based on your claim history.

    Fruit producers have until December 20 to change coverage and pay premium.

  2. AgriStability offers affordable coverage that protects the whole farm by covering a business's bottom line. It responds to margin declines related to costs, production and the market. Early payments may be made early to help with cash flow.

    Application and renewal deadline is April 30.

  3. SDRM: Edible Horticulture is a simple program that allows producers to deposit funds to save for more challenging times. The government contributes to the funds and producers can withdraw the money any time to cover losses or expenses.

    A deposit is due by February 1 to participate.

  4. AgriInvest is another savings account with matching government contributions. Producers can withdraw funds any time to alleviate risk or make investments. This program is delivered by the federal government.

    Application and renewal deadline is April 30.

Adjusters also play an important part in helping producers protect their businesses. They work with producers one-on-one to help them understand risk management options and program coverage. Producers can arrange a meeting with an adjuster by calling Agricorp.

For more information on program participation, call Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999​ or visit the Programs page of