Just days left to secure or change program coverage

Ontario producers only have days left to ensure they are protected from factors beyond their control like production losses, increased costs and market conditions. Agricorp programs are a producer’s first line of defense against volatility. “Producers are under pressure from increasing costs ​and challenging m​arkets,” said Henry Van Ankum, Chair of Grain Farmers of Ontario. “The pr​ograms Agricorp delivers are important to farmers as they help manage their farm business risks.”

AgriStability protects producers from large declines in farming income as a result of production loss, inc​​reased costs and market conditions. Existing participants must pay their fee and new participants​​​ must submit their forms by April 30.

The Risk Management Program helps producers manage risks beyond their control, like fluctuating costs and market prices. RMP for livestock customers must make renewal changes and ​​​submit Q1 sales by April 30. Existing RMP: Grains and Oilseeds participants must make rene​​​​wal changes and new participants must apply for coverage by May 1.

To remain eligible, RMP customers ​​must pay their AgriStability fee by Ap​​ril 30 or risk being cancelled. 

Production Insurance protects growers from production losses an​​d yield reductions caused by insured perils. For most spring-seeded plans, producers must complete the following actions by May 1.​​

  • Raise or lower coverage level
  • Add new spring-seeded endorsements
  • Set claim option for certain crops (fixed/floating)
  • Report eligible unseeded acreage benefit acres
  • Request a new application