Forage plan now allows multiple rainfall stations

​Ontario forage producers now have the option to select up to three rainfall stations when securing their 2015 Production Insurance coverage. This enhancement allows producers to choose stations closer to where their forage is grown.

How to select multiple st​ations

Agricorp uses a professional weather service to gather accurate rainfall data from a network of 350 rainfall collection stations in Ontario. Now, producers​ may select up to three stations in the geographical township where they produce forage, or in an adjacent geographical township. If there are no rainfall collection stations in either of those locations, they may select the stations closest to their forage production. They then allocate a percentage of their coverage to each station chosen – for a total of 100 per cent.​

Example scenario of selecting multiple rainfall statio​ns

Image showing how a producer can split coverage between two rainfall stations.
Under last year's forage plan a producer would have chosen one rainfall station, likely station B at 100 per cent of their coverage. As the image above shows, this year's enhancement allows the producer to choose to allocate 70 per cent of their coverage to station B and 30 per cent to station A. Choosing multiple rainfall stations can make their coverage more reflective of rainfall where their forage is grown.​​

Securing coverage in 2​​​015

Existing customers can find a list of rainfall stations in renewal packages mailed late February. Producers who are looking to enrol in the plan can call Agricorp before May 1.

To learn more, visit the Forage Rainfall plan section of

The 2015 enhancement is part of several improvements to the forage plan. Agricorp worked with industry groups and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to better meet the needs of producers. These changes work together to provide more reflective coverage for forage.