Soybean planting extension for Essex County

After assessing the risks and consulting with industry, Agricorp has decided to extend the last day to plant soybeans in Essex County by seven days. For 2015, Essex County farmers now have until July 7 to plant their soybeans and until July 10 to report their final planted acres.

Essex County farmers who are struggling to get their soybeans in the field need to keep their Production Insurance coverage active by calling Agricorp before June 30, to report their planted acres, confirm any unseeded acres, and verify their intentions to plant up until July 7.  

While some farmers are unable to plant or need to reseed, others in the area have concerns about the yield potential of crops that are already planted. Production Insurance is designed exactly for situations like these. Contacting Agricorp now will help in considering the different options Production Insurance offers, such as:

  • coverage for replanting when an insured peril damages crop stands
  • unseeded acreage benefits to help cover costs when rainfall prevents planting in a reasonable timeframe

Planting dates are extended very rarely, on a crop or location basis, and under specific circumstances where it makes sense. Agricorp is working with farmers on a case-by-case basis and continues to monitor the situation closely.

Affected farmers also have access to a comprehensive suite of business risk management programs offered by the provincial and federal government. More information is available on

For more information, visit the Production Insurance section of