Grape plan now incorporates Brix pricing

More precise Production Insurance coverage is now available for grape growers in Ontario who use Brix pricing. Coverage is now based on the grower’s average Brix production capability in addition to their yield.

New for 2013 plan

  • A final average Brix, based on the grower’s​ historic production, is used to determine guaranteed value.
  • Brix information is collected along with yield at harvest.

New plan details and the Brix pricing schedule are provided on renewal notices and published on

How payments are determined using Brix

A claim is triggered when an insured peril causes the dollar value at harvest time to be less than the guaranteed value. Dollar value at harvest time is the grower’s declared yield multiplied by the grower’s final achieved Brix, at the corresponding claim price. Guaranteed value is the grower’s final average Brix at the corresponding claim price multiplied by the grower’s historical yield.

If you would like more information, call Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999 or visit the Production Insurance plan for grapes section of