Rainfall data posted for forage rainfall plan

Rainfall data for the forage rainfall plan is now available on Producers who are enrolled in the “insufficient rainfall” option of the forage rainfall plan may be eligible for a claim if the measured rainfall at their chosen rainfall station is less than 80 per cent of the long-term average for their area.

The forage rainfall plan is based on the concept that rainfall influences ​production. The plan uses rainfall as an indicator of quantity and quality of forage.

Agricorp contracts a professional weather service to provide rainfall data from a network of 350 rainfall collection stations across Ontario. The rainfall stations have built-in backup systems to provide accurate information. Rainfall samples are collected twice a month then compared to Environment Canada records and surrounding stations to verify accuracy before the data is sent to Agricorp.

At the end of the rainfall collection period, customers receive a  report that shows the rainfall collected at their chosen rainfall station. Payments are mailed automatically to producers who qualify for a claim.