Reseeding claims highest in 10 years

​ ​The 2014 winter wheat crop got off to a rocky start with cool, wet conditions at planting followed by extremely low winter temperatures and a cool spring. With the harvest now complete, yields reported for Productio​n Insurance are coming in around average and even better in some areas. Even though much of the winter wheat crop survived, the reseeding benefit was crucial for many farmers this year.

In the spring, Agricorp paid $8.7 million in reseeding claims. Reseeding claims pay $85 per acre to help farmers cover the costs of getting a new crop in ground in time for the growing season.

Production claims in the m​​ail

Agricorp is paying about $5.2 million in final claims to customers who had yield shortfalls at harvest. The following floating claim prices were set early in September and are based on average prices reported from representative growing regions for Grade 2 winter wheat.

Winter wheat floating claim pric​e

​ Crop Floating claim price
Soft white $6.1958
Soft red $5.5259
Hard red $6.1829
Hard white $6.5911​

Make sure you’re cover​​ed for 2015

Winter wheat renewals are being mailed to existing customers now. Farmers considering Production Insurance for the first time can contact Agricorp to learn more and to apply.​