Production Insurance for when it’s too wet to plant

The unseeded acreage benefit (USAB) helps Production Insurance and RMP: Grains and Oilseeds customers who can’t plant their crop because of wet conditions. To file a damage report for unseeded acres, customers must call Agricorp by June 15. Growers of green and wax beans or processing cucumbers have until June 30. 

The unseeded acreage benefit is available for most spring-seeded grains and oilseeds and yield-based vegetables. To qualify for a USAB claim, producers must:

  • Be enrolled in Production Insurance​
  • Apply for or renew their USAB coverage by May 1
  • Insure all eligible crops.

Once a damage report is filed, an adjuster will arrange a visit to verify the unseeded acres.

More information about the unseeded acreage benefit is available under Eligibility in the Production Insurance section of