RMP payments triggered

​​​Declining market prices and rising costs are two big risks that farmers face; this is why the Risk Management Program exists. When market prices are lower than production costs, RMP can help manage the financial risk.

Pre-harvest grain and oilseed market prices are ​now available in the RMP: Grains and Oilseeds section of In November, producers will receive payments for the crops indicated in the Pre-harvest payments table.

For some livestock commodities, prices have also been declining and production costs have been rising. Market prices for livestock are assessed in December so that producers can receive timely Q3 payments.​​

AgriStability can also help. Producers experiencing financial distress can apply for an advance on their AgriStability payment to help with cash flow. Contact Agricorp by December 31 to apply for an interim payment.

Pre-harvest payme​​​nts
Popping corn 
Spring grain 
Spring wheat  ✔​​
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