Come visit Agricorp at the show

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, S​​eptember 9 –11

Agricorp is looking forward to participating in Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock ag​ain this year. Program specialists will be available in the tent, and employee volunteers will be helping out at the show’s information kiosks located throughout the event grounds. Visitors can stop​​ by to speak with program specialists in person.

Talk to a program ​​​specialist

Program specialists can share the lat​​est on government programs and how they work together to manage different risks. Copies of the latest information and rate sheets will be available.

Ask about program chang​​es

Visitors can learn about the updates and enhancements introdu​​ced earlier this year to:

  • AgriStability
  • Production Insurance for forage rainfall and fruit, and
  • RMP and payments from the premium fund.

Rainfall and yield ​​maps

Maps of rainfall and winter wheat yields w​ill be back on display by popular demand. Farmers can drop by to see how their county compares to others and take a copy of the maps home with them.

Try Agricorp’s new online servic​​es

Visitors to the tent can try out Agrico​​rp’s online services, right in the tent, and learn how to:

  • Register for online services
  • Report planted acreage
  • Submit program forms for AgriStability and RMP for livestock
  • View documents online
  • Update authorized contacts.

The Agricorp tent is located on 5th Lane N Mid​​dle.