Farm Business Registration Program

Sign up/Renew

​​​​​​​​For new FBR regist​rations

If you are registering for the first time, please contact us​ to register and choose your accredited farm organization.

You will need to send us your proof of income, including your T1 (for individuals) or T2 (for corporations).

When we have received this information, we will phone you back to provide you with your FBR number and payment options.

For renewi​​ng your FBR registration

Once you have registered your farm business, we will send you an invoice each year.

To renew your FBR registration, pay your fee by March 1.

Every fi​​ve years

We will send you a personalized Registration Form in addition to your annual Invoice. Make any corrections and send them to us ​​by March 1 via:

Ontario - Agricorp