Production Insurance
Lima beans (processing)

Pay premium


​If your processing company pays

Your processing company pays your premium directly to Agricorp by the deadline, based on the final measured acreage that the processor submits to us.

Your contract with the processor specifies how the premium is deducted from your first payment for the crop. ​Once your processing company has paid your premium, we will send you a premium confirmation notice.

If you see any errors or have concerns about the premium confirmation notice, please contact us within 10 days of receiving it.

​If you pay

If you have chosen to pay Agricorp directly, once you have reported your acreage, we will send you an invoice for your portion of the annual premium.

Please pay your premium by the deadline using one of these options:

  • Internet or telephone banking (choose Agricorp – Production Insurance as the payee).
  • Pay at your financial institution with the invoice
  • Mail a cheque payable to Agricorp to:
    Agricorp - Production Insurance
    Box 4418, Stn A
    Toronto ON  M5W 3W9

Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Agricorp – Ontario – Canada