Request a review

​​​If you believe that your AgriStability payment calculation is incorrect, please contact Agricorp.

Contact us

If you have questions or concerns about your AgriStability payment calculation, please contact us. A customer care representative will either answer your questions or direct your inquiry to the appropriate Agricorp representative.
The Agricorp representative will examine your Calculation of Program Benefits (CPB) and submitted application forms and may be able to make your requested adjustment. If there is a difference between your records and the information Agricorp has on file, you may be asked to request an amendment in writing.

Request an amendment

You have 18 months to write to Agricorp and request an amendment to your Calculation of Program Benefits. Your letter should:

  • Specify the program year and your name and PIN
  • Clearly explain why you disagree with our decision
  • Explain what the right decision would be and why
  • Include any supporting documentation
  • Provide any new information that was not available when you submitted your original application

We will assess the amendment request and notify you of our decision. If we accept your amendment request, we will issue a new CPB. You can still request an amendment to your revised CPB. The deadline is 18 months from the original CPB or 90 days from the revised CPB – whichever is later.

Even after the amendment period ends, you can still submit an amendment request. While we won’t issue a larger payment, we may use your revised information in future years when calculating your reference margin.

Request a review

If your amendment request is not accepted and you would like further consideration of your Calculation of Program Benefits, you may request a review by the Business Risk Management Review Committee (BRMRC).  Your written request must be submitted within 90 calendar days of receiving the written assessment from Agricorp. This request must contain the following:

  • The nature of the request for review. The request for review must set out the decision that you want the BRMRC to review; 
  • The ground(s) which you intend to rely upon during the request for review; and 
  • The information and documentation that you will rely upon during the request for review.

The BRMRC will make non-binding recommendations to Agricorp regarding your review. Agricorp may accept the recommendations in full or in part, or may decline to follow the recommendations. There is no further right of review process of Agricorp’s final decision through the program.

An Agricorp representative can provide you with information on how to make a request to the BRMRC.

Missed deadlines

If you missed a deadline due to exceptional circumstances, write to Agricorp and explain your situation. In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to excuse a missed deadline.

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