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​​​​​​​​​​To find out when each fo​​rm is due, view the deadlines.

Authorized customer cont​​​acts

Verify your contact information and update your authorizations to ensure the right people have access to your information at the right time. To complete the Authorized customer contacts form now, you will need to enter your Agricorp ID and telephone number. Your Agricorp ID is printed on most program forms and customer correspondence.

If you have more than one farm business involved in Agricorp programs, you must c​​omplete the form for each business. Each business has a different Agricorp ID.

Don’t forget your email a​​ddress

Be sure to include email addresses for y​ourself and any contacts who may want to​​ use online services on your behalf, such as your agents and partners. Please be assured that we don’t use email addresses for marketing purposes.

Personalized fil​​la​​ble forms

Using perso​​nalized fillable forms helps to ensure the accuracy of your information and speeds up the processing time.

To access forms​​ online, click Sign in. After you sign in you can:

  • Report your acres
  • View documents, including letters, tax forms and year-end documents from previous years
  • Manage your contact information
  • ​Confirm signing authorities for your business and authorize third-party contacts to discuss and exchange information with Agricorp.

​​​​​Blank ​form​s

Activity Blank form
Assign claim payments to a third party  Assignment request form

For ​more information, read:

Report yieldYield repo​​​rting ​package
Make a claim​Proof​​ o​f Loss

Balances owed to the Crown

Agricorp is required to recover outstanding amounts owed to the Crown. Customers must establish a repayment plan with Agricorp  indicating how they plan to repay their balance owing. Mail the completed and signed form to Agricorp.

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