Risk Management Program



To be eligible for payment under RMP: Sheep, you must:

  • Enrol all your eligible lambs produced in Ontario
  • Be able to demonstrate ownership
  • Pay premium
  • Have a premises identification number​

Eligible lamb​​s

Eligible lambs must:

  • Be sold during the program year
  • Be produced and owned by you in Ontario for a minimum of 30 days
  • Weigh 30 to 126 pounds (live weight) at time of sale
  • Be less than one year of age
  • Not be pregnant*

* Lambs may be sold for future breeding purposes and still be eligible for program coverage.

Estimating y​​our insured production

Estimate your insured production based on weight gain up to 115 lb. (live weight) per head at time of sale.


A producer plans to sell:

  • 40 lambs at approximately 90 lb. (raised from birth)
  • 10 lambs at approximately 120 lb. (raised from birth)

Insured P​roduction

40 lambs x 90 lb. = 3,600 lb.
10 lambs x 115 lb. = 1,150 lb.
Total= 4,750 lb.​

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