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Direct deposit

​​​​Agricorp is now offering direct deposit to customers.  

Who can enrol

Signing authorities for a farm business can enrol for direct deposit.

​​​How to en​​rol for direct deposit

To set up direct deposit:

Customers registered for online services

  1. Sign in to​
  2. Click the name of your busine​ss.
  3. In the Business Activities section, update your banking information.

Customers not registered for online services

  1. Download a Direct Deposit Request formProblems opening the form? Right-click the link and download or save the form to your desktop.
  2. Return the completed form via fax or mail to Agricorp with a "void" cheque or bank stamp.
​​​Once a customer has enrolled for direct deposit, all future program payments will be made by direct deposit.

How to register for online servic​​​es

Enrolling for direct deposit is easier for customers already registered for online services.

To register for online services, customers will need an Agricorp ID and a temporary user name. Call us at 1-888-247-4999 to obtain your temporary user name.

Registered online users, can:

  • Submit forms with the click of a mouse.
  • Do business with Agricorp – anywhere, anytime.
  • View all program information in one place.
  • Experience more online options coming soon.

One bank account per Agric​​orp ID

Only one bank account will be accepted per Agricorp ID.

The bank account provided by the customer in the Request for direct deposit form will be used for all payments received under that Agricorp ID. Customers will be required to complete a separate form for each Agricorp ID.

Exceptions for direct ​deposit

Payments will continue to be made by cheque when:

  • the program payment has an assignee
  • there is an outstanding balance owing to Agricorp, depending on the circumstance​

Notification of direct d​eposits

When a direct deposit has been made, a payment summary will be posted online and mailed to customers.

Download Form

If the form does not open automatically in Adobe Reader when you click the link below:

  1. Open Adobe Reader version 10 or later.
  2. Click File > Open.
  3. Locate the form in the downloads folder on your computer, select the file, and click Open.

Note: Fillable forms are not supported on most mobile devices and some web browsers.

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