An easy way to pay the FBR fee

​Save time and avoid delays and mailing hassles by paying the Farm Business Registration (FBR) fee through online banking. Producers have until March 1 to pay their fees.

Paying the right acc​ount

Agricorp has different accounts for different programs and Accredited Farm Organizations (AFO). When paying through online banking, look for Agricorp followed by the abbreviated AFO name: CFFO, NFUO or OFA.

About FBR registrat​​ion​

Producers who register their farm business receive the following benefits:

  • Potential to qualify to pay 25 per cent of the municipal residential property tax rate on their agricultural land
  • Eligibility for other government programs, including the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program and Growing Forward 2 initiatives
  • Membership in one of three AFOs.

More information can be found on​ or on the invoice mailed in January.