Questions about your Production Insurance?

The planting season is coming to an end, and most crops across Ontario got planted. Now producers need the weather to cooperate for their crops to grow.

Rainfall has varied throughout Ontario, with dry weather in some parts of the province and lots of rain in others. Producers who are covered by Production Insurance should call Agricorp if they have questions about their coverage.

Production Insurance is designed for s​ituations like this

Production Insurance compensates producers for production losses caused by insured perils.

  • An unseeded acreage benefit helps cover costs when rainfall prevents planting in a reasonable timeframe.
  • A reseeding benefit helps producers cover the costs of getting a new crop in ground if they need to replant.
  • At the end of the growing season, if yield falls below a producer's guaranteed production level, a claim may be paid on the difference.

Calling Agricorp is the first step

Producers should contact Agricorp if the weather, or any other insured peril, has caused damage to their crop or if they have questions about their coverage. Agricorp can discuss program coverage and explain options. The sooner damage is reported, the sooner Agricorp can help with the next steps.

Producers also have access to a comprehensive suite of business risk management programs offered by the provincial and federal governments. More information is available on agricorp.c​om.