Time to consider fruit coverage for 2017

As harvest season is underway for tree fruit and grape growers in Ontario, many of them are also preparing for next year and weighing their risk management options.

Growers who choose to include Production Insurance as part of their risk management strategy can protect their trees and vines from factors beyond their control, such as harsh weather.

In recent years, Production Insurance has proven to be a valuable and reliable risk management tool for fruit growers whose crops were impacted by cold temperatures, frost and hail. Growers have been compensated for things like​ reduced quality, tree and vine loss, and yield reductions, ranging from small losses to no crop at all.

Growers can read more about why to include Production Insurance in business risk management plans in Your Tree Fruit and Grape Protection​.

How Production Insurance provides protection

Production Insurance offers year-round coverage for tree fruit and grape growers. The program covers shortfalls in production and the loss of trees or vines caused by insured perils, such as frost, freeze, hail and excessive wind.

Growers are guaranteed a level of production based on their yield history and the level of coverage they choose. Claims are paid if yield falls below guaranteed production. Growers also have the added benefit of compensation for fruit trees or vines that are lost due to severe weather. 

New this year

In 2017, tree fruit and grape growers will see enhancements to the Production Insurance plans for fruit. The plans now provide more coverage for trees and vines, for example:

  • Compensation for tree loss is included at no additional cost for tender fruit growers (currently only apple and grape growers have this coverage).
  • All tree fruit and grape growers now have the option to buy additional coverage for their trees and vines.
  • Tree fruit and grape growers who have newly planted vineyards and orchards are now eligible to enrol in the program.

More information about changes to the fruit plans will be available this fall.

How to enrol

Tree fruit and grape growers who want to enrol in Production Insurance for the first time should contact Agricorp now. A fruit adjuster will be in touch to explain program coverage and to have a look at the grower's trees or vines while they are in their growth stage.

Growers who are already enrolled in the plan, and have newly planted orchards or vineyards that they would like to insure, need to contact Agricorp if they haven't already done so.

Renewals will be mailed to all existing customers this fall.