Meet with Agricorp staff

Over the winter months, producers are busy planning for the upcoming crop season and reviewing their risk management coverage to ensure it meets their farm business needs. If producers have questions, this is the perfect time to meet with Agricorp staff at farm shows and events across the province.

More than 100 agricultural events

Every year, Agricorp attends more than 100 agricultural events across Ontario, many of them occurring from January to March. These events range from farm shows with more than 42,000 attendees to smaller commodity group meetings or conferences.

Whether they're presenting updates at a meeting, staffing a booth at a trade show or attending a conference, Agricorp employees are on hand to meet with farmers face to face. They're ready to answer questions and share the most current information about Agricorp's programs and services. This helps producers stay up to date on what Agricorp offers, and helps Agricorp stay focused on what matters to producers.

Helping producers manage their risks

Agricorp staff are available to explain how different programs cover different risks and how each program responds to various events, from challenging weather to challenging markets. They can also help producers take advantage of service options that make it easier for them to participate in programs, such as direct deposit of program payments, email notifications, and completing business transactions or searching for information online.

Other ways to stay in touch

If producers can't meet with Agricorp staff face to face at an event, they can also reach out by phone or email. Staff are happy to help any time producers need assistance or have questions – that's what Agricorp is here for. Producers can also visit for the latest program information, news and deadlines.​