Wrapping up 2016 RMP

​​​The 2016 Risk Management Program (RMP) is wrapping up as final 2016 payments are made for all three plans.

SDRM: Edible Horticulture

Edible horticulture producers received the second and final government contribution for the self-directed risk management (SDRM) plan. All participating producers who requested the full balance of their account received this additional amount automatically. Producers who requested only a portion of their funds can complete and submit a Withdrawal Request form to access the additional contribution.

RMP for livestock

Livestock producers received their final 2016 payments in March. These final payments were for Q4 and included adjustments to earlier 2016 program payments.

RMP: Grains and Oilseeds

As post-harvest prices are now available, grain and oilseed producers are now receiving their final payments. Post-harvest payments and pre-harvest adjustments are going to customers whose crops had market prices fall below the support level at their chosen coverage level, as indicated in the following table.

Crops that triggered post-harvest payments

Corn and seed corn 
Hard red winter wheat and hard white winter wheat
Popping corn
Soft red winter wheat and organic winter wheat
Soft white winter wheat
Spring grain
Spring wheat

 Not available for 2017.

Farmer's Risk Management Premium Fund

Producers in RMP for livestock and RMP: Grains and Oilseeds who triggered 2016 program payments may also be eligible for additional payments in June from the industry-managed Farmer's Risk Management Premium Fund.