High call volumes expected

​One of the busiest times of year for both farmers and Agricorp is the month of June. June 30 is the deadline for Ontario producers enrolled in Production Insurance to report their acres and for producers enrolled in AgriStability to submit their Year-end Report and Claim Form.

During the month of June, Agricorp can receive up to 20,000 calls from producers asking about programs, reporting damage and reporting acres. Since things like the weather can dictate the timing of planting, most producers finish planting about the same time, which can lead to an influx of calls nearing the end of June.

Producers can avoid the wait by reporting their grain and oilseed acres on​. Not only does reporting acres online save time and provide the convenience of reporting from anywhere, anytime, it also keeps phone lines open for fellow producers who need to report damage or have questions about their coverage.

Three guaranteed time savers for acreage​​ reporting

  1. Producers should wait until all their crops are planted before reporting their acres to avoid having to report more than once. Producers need to report their acres to Agricorp within 10 days after they finish planting or by the deadline.
  2. Before producers report, they should make sure they have everything they need:
    • Agricorp ID
    • Total acres planted for all crops
    • The date producers finished planting each crop
    • Total unseeded and/or reseeded acres
    • Total acres of any new land being farmed
    • Total acres in landlord/sharecrop arrangement
  3. Producers can avoid follow-up phone calls by ensuring details are accurate and complete.

Important da​tes

  • June 30, 2018 – Last day to report planted acres
  • June 30, 2018 – Last day to submit 2017 AgriStability Year-end Report and Claim Form and Statement A