Why 1 in 2 reports are submitted online

​Agricorp's online services are fast and easy to use. Many customers are using these services to report their planted acres, submit their AgriStability claim forms, and submit their sales reports for the Risk Management Program. Last year, 43 per cent of program reports were submitted online.

Five reasons to use online services

Reason 1: It's more convenient

Producers can use online reporting at their convenience – anywhere, anytime. It's quick, it's easy, and it's available 24/7.

Reason 2: Many forms are pre-filled

When producers submit their forms online, last year's information is already pre-filled in many cases. If producers aren't able to submit a form all at once, they can always save it and pick it up where they left off as often as needed.

Reason 3: It's secure uses trusted security technology. By submitting online, fewer people handle a producer's information.

Reason 4: It reduces mistakes

When producers submit online, there are built-in checks that tell them if they missed anything or entered the wrong type of information. Submitting forms online can reduce mistakes producers might make when submitting a handwritten form.

Reason 5: It reduces paper

It's easier to submit forms online, rather than on paper by mail, for multiple reasons. Forms can't be misplaced when completed online, they're available whenever and wherever producers are, and it's easy to make corrections. By submitting forms online, there are no mailing hassles, producers get automatic confirmation, and it's environmentally friendly.

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