Report fall-seeded acres online

Production Insurance customers who have finished planting their fall-seeded grains and oilseeds can report their acres to Agricorp online.  

Not only does reporting acres online save producers time and provide the convenience of reporting from anywhere, anytime, it also keeps phone lines open for fellow producers who need to report damage or have questions about their coverage.

What you need to know about winter wheat renewal

The last day to enrol or renew winter wheat coverage and report acres is November 8. Renewal time is the opportunity to assess coverage needs, but it's also an important time for producers to carefully review their coverage details since the coverage is based on last year's business. By confirming that information is accurate and reflects how their farm operates today, producers ensure they pay only for the coverage they need and receive the right compensation in the event of a claim.

Before deciding on this year's winter wheat coverage, producers should ask themselves some key questions:

  • What changes have I made to my business?
  • What risks does my farm face this year?
  • Does my chosen coverage level provide the best protection?
  • What is happening in the industry that could affect my business?

Get started online

To start reporting fall-seeded acres, producers can go directly to, click the shortcut banner, and then enter their Agricorp ID. They will also need to provide their:

  • Final planting date for each crop and variety
  • Total acres of any new land farmed this year
  • Total acres in their landlord-sharecropping arrangement(s) (if applicable)

Report on time

To remain eligible for Production Insurance coverage, producers must report acres within ten days of planting or by the final planting date – whichever comes first.

For planting deadlines, check out our planting deadlines for fall-seeded grains and oilseeds.

Producers can also report their final acreage by phone, fax, email or mail. For information, see Contact us.​