Three time-saving tips for easier reporting

​June 19, 2019

Agricorp respects that farmers have a lot going on and their time is limited. Agricorp also appreciates the efforts of farmers to report program information with everything else they do to run their businesses.

With this year's delayed planting, farmers have a shorter window to report their planted acres, and many may call to report at the same time. An influx of calls is expected, and Agricorp would like to thank customers for their patience during this busy time.

With the busy season in mind, customers can consider the following tips to save time and avoid reporting more than once.

Tip 1: When reporting acreage, have all the information needed on hand

Due to planting delays, farmers have more time to report unseeded acres and can report them with final planted acres by June 30 – all in one phone call. Farmers with a July 5 planting extension should report by the last planting date. For example, if a farmer's corn planting deadline is June 17 and their soybean planting deadline is July 5, all acreage and unseeded acres for both crops should be reported by July 5.

Before reporting, customers should have the following information:

  • Agricorp ID
  • Total acres planted for each crop
  • The date they finished planting each crop
  • Total unseeded acres
  • Total acres of any new land being farmed
  • Total acres in landlord/sharecrop arrangements

Tip 2: RMP customers can take care of two tasks at once

Risk Management Program: Grains and Oilseeds customers can select their coverage level when they report their planted acres for Production Insurance – all in one call.

Tip 3: Consider joining the thousands of farmers reporting online

Customers can complete the following upcoming activities on

Program Activity
RMP for livestockReport sales
Production InsuranceReport grains and oilseeds acres
AgriStabilitySubmit 2018 Year-end Report and Claim Form

Top reasons why customers prefer online reporting

  • It's convenient
  • Forms are pre-filled
  • It's secure
  • It reduces mistakes
  • It reduces paperwork