Map shows results of optimal fall planting conditions

November 25, 2019

After a difficult year for winter wheat farmers in 2019, the 2020 crop year is off to a better start. Over 775,000 acres of Ontario winter wheat have been insured under Production Insurance for 2020. The good planting conditions have also allowed most winter wheat to emerge well.

Where are the winter wheat acres planted across Ontario? The following map shows nearly 700,000 acres of soft red winter wheat insured under Production Insurance for 2020. 

Winter wheat insured acres
Winter wheat insured acres
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Coverage over the winter months

Now that winter wheat has been planted, customers can find some peace of mind knowing that their crop is covered over the coming winter months. Winterkill is an insured peril under the Production Insurance plan for winter wheat. If the crop doesn't survive the winter, customers are eligible for a reseeding benefit of $122 per acre to help cover the cost of reseeding the crop.

Keep in touch

Agricorp is here to help – customers should contact Agricorp if they have questions about their coverage or if their crop is affected by an insured peril that may result in damage. Agricorp can help explain program options to customers and get them started on next steps.