Get benefits by registering your farm today

​January 15, 2020

Producers can make things a little easier for themselves by completing their Farm Business Registration (FBR) now.

By registering now, producers get this important task off their to-do lists and can get the many benefits of FBR. See below for more details on these benefits.

Registering is as easy as 1-2-3


1 Select an AFO

Each year, producers can direct their registration to one of three accredited farm organizations (AFOs). Before choosing an AFO, read the FBR information sheet to learn about what each AFO offers.


2 Pay the invoice

Pay by March 1 in order to complete the registration and confirm membership. The 2020 FBR invoice amount is $240 plus HST.


3 Start getting the benefits

When producers register their farm businesses, they qualify for:

  • Reduced property taxes
  • Member benefits from an AFO
  • Participation in government programs

Still have questions about FBR? Give Agricorp a call.