2021 FBR – new online service, more time and extra flexibility

February 24, 2021

New online service

Thinking of doing business online? Farm Business Registration (FBR) is a good place to start.

Agricorp worked with the accredited farm organizations and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to make it easier for farmers to register their farm businesses. Registering a farm business online is quick and secure. Just go to

Register, receive immediate confirmation and join the thousands of farmers who have already registered online. FBR online registration is compatible with mobile devices and most rural internet speeds.

Step 1: To complete the registration, producers can go to with their FBR number and credit card.
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Step 2: There is no step two!
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More time and extra flexibility

The Government of Ontario is making FBR more flexible this year in response to current uncertainties producers are facing. Producers now have until April 15 to register their farm businesses for 2021.

If a returning registrant's farm income in 2020 was negatively impacted by COVID-19, their gross farm income can be based on their 2019 tax return instead. Producers who are in this situation can simply make their FBR payment online, or as indicated on their invoice.  Farm businesses will continue to be eligible for the FBR program, and producers will maintain access to agricultural programs, including a reduced farm tax rate.

For more information about FBR, including details on the new and improved online registration, visit