More information on coverage for 2021 on-farm labour disruptions

January 27, 2021

At the end of 2020, the governments of Canada and Ontario announced an extension to coverage for production loss due to on-farm labour disruptions caused by COVID-19. The coverage has been extended to cover the 2021 Production Insurance program year and includes additional commodities.

What's added?

The coverage will work the same as it did for 2020, but coverage in 2021 will be extended to bee health, apple and tender fruit trees, and grapevines.

Establishing coverage

Agricorp automatically adds the new coverage to customer policies for 2021; it is not necessary to sign up for this extra coverage. This coverage applies to existing and new policies and nothing else about the coverage changes.

Producers will be covered for this peril whether they chose multi-peril or a single peril of hail, frost, or hail and frost.

Production loss due to on-farm labour disruptions caused by COVID-19 will be covered for the full duration of 2021 policies.

More information available

More information is available in the addendum to the Contract of Insurance and an updated feature sheet. Both are available on under Publications on each individual commodity page for Production Insurance.