Less paperwork for reporting yields and losses

August 26, 2021

Agricorp has recently made it easier to participate in Production Insurance, with refreshed documents and fewer forms. To simplify it further, the yield reporting and proof of loss processes are now streamlined.

Self-declared yield reporting kits are available online

Agricorp will no longer automatically mail out the multi-page printed version of the self-declared yield kit. Anyone who wishes to refer to these instructions and worksheets to help determine yields can find them at

Yield reporting dates

September 1 winter wheat, organic winter wheat and organic winter spelt

October 31 canola, mustard, spring grains and spring wheat

December 15 Beans (black, white, cranberry, kidney, Japan and other), corn, soybeans, sunflowers, honey and flue-cured tobacco.

It's important to report damage

Challenging weather conditions may have created difficult planting or growing conditions for farmers across the province. Agricorp understands the challenges farmers are facing and is available to help.

As farmers monitor their crops over the coming months, they should contact Agricorp if they notice any new or additional damage, even if they have already reported damage this season. If the damage results in crop loss, having the information on file helps Agricorp process a claim faster, with less follow-up.

Farmers who experience a loss do not need to complete a Proof of Loss form unless Agricorp requests one. Agricorp will provide this document if it's needed.

Agricorp is here to help

If farmers would like a paper copy of the self-declared yield kit or written confirmation of their reported yield, they can call Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999 or send an email to with "Production Insurance" in the subject line.