It’s time to secure RMP coverage

July 26, 2021

The 2021 enrolment period for the Risk Management Program (RMP) is now open, and existing customers will receive their renewal packages shortly. Agricorp thanks customers for their patience this year.

To give farmers more time and flexibility to make decisions and assess their coverage needs, the 2021 enrolment and livestock reporting deadlines have been extended. Customers can save time by enrolling and reporting sales online.

Enrol, renew and report sales online

Customers will receive the necessary paperwork in the mail, but they are encouraged to use online options on

PlanOnline optionsLast day to submit
RMP: Grains and OilseedsEnrol online – download form and submit onlineAugust 16
Make coverage changes – contact Agricorp
RMP for livestockEnrol online – download form and submit onlineAugust 31
Make coverage changes - sign in to
Report Q1 and Q2 sales:
Sign in to
Download form and submit online

The revised dates will not cause gaps in coverage, ensuring farmers continue to have RMP coverage in place.

Improved coverage for 2021

To further support farmers after increasing RMP funding to $150 million, the Ontario government is keeping 2021 premiums rates the same as 2020 premium rates. Rates will be provided in customers’ renewal packages and are available on the Rates page for each commodity on

In addition, as of 2021, lambs retained for future breeding purposes will now be covered by RMP, offering sheep farmers more coverage and greater flexibility.

If RMP customers have any questions after receiving their renewal packages, please contact Agricorp.

In addition, starting with the 2021 program year, Agricorp will be implementing a new fund to hold both government and producer premiums for RMP. Government and producer funds will be used exclusively to pay RMP claims.

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