Maps show millions of corn and soybean acres protected by Production Insurance

​July 21, 2022

As Ontario farmers face the challenges of 2022, they can take comfort in knowing more than 5 million acres of crops are covered by Production Insurance against risks beyond their control.  

This number includes about 1.66 million acres of corn and 2.15 million acres of soybeans covered by Production Insurance in 2022.

The following maps show corn and soybeans acres covered by Production Insurance for 2022 in counties across Ontario.

Corn: acres insured (2022)
Corn insured acres
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Soybeans: acres insured (2022)
Soybeans insured acres
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Keep in touch

During the summer, Agricorp knows farmers across Ontario are watching the weather, especially for rain. Getting the right amount of rain at the right time is never guaranteed, and too little or too much rain can be harmful to farm businesses.

Production Insurance covers losses caused by an insured peril. If you notice damage, report it to Agricorp right away. Agricorp staff are ready to answer questions and can walk farmers through their coverages and the claims process, based on each individual situation.

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