Time to consider RMP for livestock coverage

February 23, 2022

Ontario livestock farmers face different challenges each year. Now is the time to consider RMP for livestock coverage for 2022.

Farmers may be facing uncertainty, such as fluctuating input costs and market prices for their cattle, hogs, sheep or veal. This is where RMP for livestock can help. It is designed to work like insurance and help them manage these risks that are beyond their control.

To support farmers, the Government of Ontario is keeping 2022 RMP for livestock premium rates consistent with 2021 premiums.

Renewal packages are starting to go out to existing participants, and farmers who want to apply can submit an RMP for livestock application on   

April 1 is the last day to apply or make any coverage changes.

Download the application form

Download the form directly to your computer and open it using Adobe Reader 10 or later. 

  1. Right-click the form link and save the file to your computer.
  2. In Adobe Reader, click File > Open.
  3. Locate the form in the downloads folder on your computer. 

Note: Fillable forms are not supported on most mobile devices and some web browsers.

If you have trouble opening the form, please call Agricorp for assistance. 

​​Get Acrobat Reader

How RMP for livestock works

RMP payments are made to farmers if market prices for sold livestock fall below a farmer's support level, which is based on the industry average cost of producing livestock and the chosen coverage level.

By participating in RMP for livestock and other programs Agricorp delivers, farmers can get comprehensive coverage that meets their needs, when they need it most.

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