Time to renew or apply for Production Insurance

April 4, 2023 | Reposted: April 6, 2023

Renewal packages are in the mail for Spring Policy customers. Customers should carefully review their packages to make sure their coverage meets their farm business needs. For example:

  • What's happening in your industry that could affect your farm business?
  • Are your chosen coverage levels giving you the best value and coverage?
  • Have you discussed your coverage options with an Agricorp employee?

Contact Agricorp by May 10 to add or remove commodities or change coverage options like coverage levels or claim price (where applicable).

Not a Production Insurance customer?

Every year, farmers across Ontario face risks beyond their control, such as challenging planting, growing, and harvesting conditions. Production Insurance can help farmers weather these challenges.

Production Insurance covers production losses and yield reductions, and farmers can choose the type and level of coverage that best meets their needs. And when market prices are volatile, Production Insurance coverage is a reliable tool because it reflects the current value of a commodity.

Contact Agricorp by May 10 to get coverage.

Value of coverage at all-time high

While reviewing renewal packages, producers should keep in mind that Production Insurance coverage is at a record-high level this year because of high commodity prices and strong yields – and that means more coverage for the premium paid. has everything you need

Select your commodity to get the information you need, including 2023 rates, dates, and coverage information.

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