Securing Production Insurance coverage for fruit

​December 4, 2023

It's application and renewal time for the Production Insurance Fruit Policy, which includes coverage for strawberries, apples and apple trees, grapes and grapevines, and tender fruit and tender fruit trees.

Fruit growers need to contact Agricorp by January 1, 2024 to apply or to make changes to their existing coverage.

Fruit Policy renewal packages in the mail

Now is the time to get ready for the year ahead. Customers will receive their 2024 renewal packages in mid-December, as long as they've reported their 2023 yields. Existing customers should review their renewal packages to make sure their coverage options meet the current needs of their farm businesses.

Customers who don't receive a renewal package by mid-December should contact Agricorp.

Update to grape coverage

Agricorp worked with the grape industry and governments to permanently add yield buffering to grape coverage. This change means that extreme or unusual yields are buffered up or down to keep coverage stable and to reflect a customer's production potential. Yields that are 30% lower or higher than a grape grower's 5-10 year final average yield are buffered. For more information, see the Final Average Yield feature sheet on