What to know about program coverage at harvest time

​October 27, 2023

It's harvest time in Ontario for many grains, including corn. During harvest, farmers are in a good position to assess their crops for damage. If they see or worry about damage, they may have questions about their program coverage. Agricorp is ready to help and answer any questions about how programs work.

Production Insurance for crop damage

Production Insurance provides yield-based coverage that gives customers a guaranteed level of production. This guarantee is based on the customer's historical yields and the coverage level they select.

What if there is crop damage?

Customers should report crop damage so Agricorp can help them understand how their program coverage works in their individual situations and walk them through any claims process.

Knowing their Production Insurance options can help customers make the best decisions for their farm businesses.

Program coverage for DON

Early overall reports are showing low levels of Deoxynivalenol (DON) in Ontario grain corn, with some fields expected to have more elevated levels. DON is an insured peril covered by Production Insurance, which includes yield loss protection and a corn salvage benefit.

This coverage takes into account the higher costs farmers face as DON levels increase and more accurately reflects the extra costs to harvest, handle, and market corn damaged by DON.

Payments are made when:

  • a corn crop's DON level is above 3 ppm
  • the bushels that are under 3 ppm are below a customer's guaranteed level of production

The corn salvage benefit pays for eligible bushels up to that guaranteed production level as illustrated in the diagram.

Eligibility scenarios for corn salvage benefit for DON

Scenario 1 – The producer’s total yield is under their guaranteed production. Through Production Insurance, the corn salvage benefit would cover all bushels above 5 ppm. The producer would also receive a production claim on the shortfall.

Scenario 2 – The producer’s total yield is over their guaranteed production. Through Production Insurance, the corn salvage benefit would cover bushels over 5 ppm up to their guaranteed production. All bushels over their guaranteed production receive no claim payment.

Scenario 3 – The producer’s total yield is over their guaranteed production. Since the producer’s bushels under 3 ppm exceed their guaranteed production, they receive no claim payment. 

Payments for DON will be calculated using the following rates.

Type of damage
Benefit amount
Sample grade$0.66
DON 3 ppm to 4.9 ppm$0.66
DON 5 ppm to 7.9 ppm$0.93
DON 8 ppm and above$1.28

The corn salvage benefit feature sheet explains more about how Production Insurance works for sample grade corn and DON.

Agricorp is monitoring the DON situation and will share more information on if DON levels increase.


AgriStability covers large margin declines caused by production loss, increased costs, or market conditions. If a producer's margin falls below 70% of their recent average, AgriStability helps to offset the difference.

AgriStability customers who need cash flow now don't have to wait for their year-end forms to be processed to get a payment. To get part of their final payment in advance, they can submit a 2023 interim payment application form before December 31, 2023.

Coverage for market disruption

Agricorp is also monitoring the strike at the St. Lawrence Seaway.

AgriStability is designed for situations just like this. If the strike persists, Agricorp will help producers understand how program coverage works.


AgriInvest is a savings account that producers can use to either cover small income declines or support other investments. Each year, farmers can deposit up to 1% of their allowable net sales into a bank account and receive a matching government contribution.

Farmers can withdraw funds at any time to help with cash flow.

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