Planting coverage – What you need to know

May 31, 2024

This spring, wet conditions are affecting some areas in Ontario. Farmers who are unable to plant their crops, or need to replant due to excess rain, can benefit from Production Insurance coverage for replanting and unseeded acreage.

Knowing how coverage works can help farmers make the best decisions for their farm businesses.

Replant coverage

If wet conditions damage planted acres, replant coverage is available to cover the costs of replanting some or all of the damaged acres and reflects the average cost of seed, tillage, and planting.

Scenario Description
Customer replants the same crop by the final planting dateA replant payment may be made if 3 or more adjoining acres were damaged.
Customer replants a different insurable crop by that crop's final planting dateA replant payment may be made if 3 or more adjoining acres were damaged.

Unseeded acreage coverage

If farmers can't plant their intended crop, unseeded acreage coverage is available to compensate for fixed costs and land maintenance. To qualify, farmers need to have insured all of their crops.

Scenario Description
Customer is unable to plant intended crop but can plant an alternate crop by that crop's final planting dateCustomers can decide to plant a different crop. In this scenario, they need to meet that crop's final planting date to be insured.
Customer is unable to plant intended or alternate crop and acres remain unplantedIf customers are unable to plant and acres remain unplanted after the final planting date, customers may be eligible for an unseeded acreage payment.
Customer chooses to replant without coverage after the final planting dateFarm business decisions are always left up to individual farmers. If farmers choose to plant after the final planting date or choose to plant an uninsurable crop, they may qualify for an unseeded acreage payment if they notify Agricorp before planting. In this scenario, the crop wouldn't be insured for the current program year.

Next steps

Farmers should contact Agricorp if they are unable to plant or if they experience damage. We will guide them through their options.

For information on how claims are assessed and how payments are calculated, see Coverage for Planting.

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