Risk Management Program


​​​​To be eligible you must:

  • Produce at least one eligible veal category in Ontario
  • Be able to demonstrate ownership
  • Enrol all your eligible production within a veal category
  • Pay premium 
  • Have a premises identification number.​

Eligible ve​​​al calves

To be eligible for payment, veal calves must be:

  • Sold for slaughter during the program year
  • Produced and owned by you in Ontario for a minimum of 90 days
  • Within the weight ranges shown below (sales receipts for grain-fed veal must show individual live weights)

Veal calves may be enrolled in either of the following two categories.

Veal category Weight range at time of sale (live we​​​ight)
Grain-fed600 – 752 lb. (individual weight)*
Milk-fed340 – 675 lb.

 * Grain-fed veal calves sold on a group weight basis are not eligible for payment.

Grain-fed​​ veal calves weighing more than 725 pounds

Grain-fed veal calves that weigh more than 725 pounds are considered overweight, but may still be eligible for partial payments long as they weigh less than 752 pounds.

You will be eligible for a payment calculation on one overweight grain-fed veal calf (over 725 pounds up to 752 pounds) for every 10 eligible grain-fed veal calves sold at 725 pounds or less.

Estimating your ins​ured production

Use the weight ranges shown in the table above when estimating your insured production.

Grain-fed veal example:

A veal producer plans to sell:

  • 200 veal calves weighing approximately 700 lb.

Grain-fed insured production = 200 head

Milk-fed veal example:

A veal producer plans to sell:

  • 100 v​eal calves weighing approximately 550 lb.

Milk-fed insured production = 100 head​

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