Days left to report acres

​​​​A number of reporting deadlines are just around the corner. By June 30, Ontario producers need to report their planted acres for Production Insurance and their 2017 year-end information for AgriStability. Livestock producers also need to report their second quarter and semi-annual sales by July 31.

Tips for easy reporting

Up-to-date information means Agricorp is ready to help producers when they need it. Agricorp understands that it is a busy time for producers, and reporting their information is another task on top of everything else they do to run their businesses. Here are seven ways to make reporting easier:

  1. Don’t wait for the deadline
    • Deadlines are simply the last day to get things done, but reporting can be crossed off the to-do list as soon as information is available.
    • Reporting deadlines are necessary so files are up to date and producers get the service they need, when they need it.
    • Reporting information early makes it easier to remember the details.
    • Early reporting means earlier processing and producers can help beat the rush if reporting by phone.
  2. Report online
    • Planted acres for Production Insurance, year-end information for AgriStability and livestock sales for the Risk Management Program (RMP) can all be submitted by signing in to – from anywhere, at any time.
    • Reporting acres for Production Insurance can be completed without signing in​.
    • Online reporting provides built-in prompts to help producers report correctly, reducing time spent on follow-up.
    • No waiting on the phone for the call centre at the busiest time of year.
  3. Have Agricorp ID handy
    • This one identifier is the key to all of a producer’s program information.
    • A producer’s Agricorp ID is displayed at the top of program forms.
    • Having the ID handy saves time, whether reporting online or by phone.
  4. Complete all required information
    • Accurate details ensure producers pay for the coverage they need and receive the right compensation in the event of a claim.
    • Complete and accurate details reduce follow-up time.
    • Having details such as acres, dates and sales receipts on hand helps get reporting done quickly.
  5. Use program materials
    • Materials sent in renewal packages describe what’s needed for reporting.
    • Producers can review handbooks, information sheets and other program materials before reporting.
    • Reporting details are also available on
  6. Get email reminders
    • Email reminders help producers stay on top of important program dates.
    • Producers should contact Agricorp to sign up for email reminders or to update their email addresses.
    • Email preferences can be managed online.
  7. Report damage
    • Damage should be reported for Production Insurance as soon as it occurs.
    • The sooner damage is reported, the sooner Agricorp can help producers with the next steps.
    • Inspections can be completed right away if required.

Get payments up to seve​​n days faster

Producers have enough to do without the hassles of cheques. They can get cash in their account up to seven days faster with direct deposit. To sign up, call Agricorp or go to All a producer needs is a void cheque and a few minutes of their time to make things a little easier.