Secure fruit coverage by December 20

​December 10, 2018​

It's not too late to secure coverage for Production Insurance. Ontario fruit growers have until December 20 to enrol or change their coverage for the 2019 program year.

Fruit growers know that every season brings unique challenges. Hail, frost and freezing temperatures can significantly impact fruit crops. Production Insurance has proven to be a valuable and reliable risk management tool, compensating growers for things like reduced quality, tree and vine loss, and yield reductions.

Growers should contact Agricorp to find out how Production Insurance can be a part of their risk management strategy.

Recent changes

Over the past few years, changes were made to Production Insurance plans for fruit to offer growers more coverage for their operations. As a result:

  • Japanese and European plums will be assessed separately
  • Strawberries are eligible for overwinter coverage
  • Tender fruit trees are now covered
  • Younger trees and grape vines are eligible for coverage
  • Producers can choose additional tree or grape vine coverage

Learn more

To learn more about Production Insurance for fruit, trees and grape vines, or to see 2019 premium rates, visit the applicable sections on

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