Fruit coverage: Now offering more

​​​​Ontario fruit producers will now have more coverage options, a move that recognizes that tree and vine health is vital to a producer's business.

New plan enhancements include:

  • First-time coverage for tender fruit trees
  • Additional coverage for apple trees and grape vines
  • The ability to insure trees and vines in the year following planting

Agricorp worked closely with industry stakeholders to provide a wider range of coverage options, offering greater peace of mind and ensuring that all growers enrolled in the tree fruit and grape plans are able to protect their trees and vines.

Tree and vine coverage included

The new choices for tree and vine coverage allow customers to customize their coverage to better fit their operations. When producers enrol in Production Insurance for their fruit crops, standard coverage for trees and vines is included, at no cost to them. The governments pay the standard coverage premiums on the producer's behalf.

If a customer wants more coverage for trees and vines, they can purchase additional coverage and will only pay 40 per cent of the premium for the additional coverage portion.  

Consider Production Insurance for risk management

With harvest completed and a new growing season to plan for, producers may be asking themselves what risks their farms face this year, and if their current risk management plans are enough to cover unavoidable yield, quality and tree or vine loss. Producers should consider making Production Insurance a part of their risk management plans. The program continues to be a dependable risk management tool that is stable, relevant and customizable to business needs. For more information, read Your Tree Fruit and Grape Protection.

Government shares in the cost

Production Insurance is funded by the provincial and federal governments, making risk management programs more affordable. Government pays all of the administration costs and the following premium costs:

  • Up to 60 per cent for your production
  • All of your standard tree and vine loss coverage
  • Up to 60 per cent of your additional tree and vine loss coverage

Sign up by December 20

It's application and renewal time for tree fruit and grape plans. Producers who want to sign up for Production Insurance should contact Agricorp by December 20. An adjuster will follow up to help producers with the process.

Choosing coverage that meets current needs

Tree fruit and grape plan renewal packages were mailed to customers in mid-November. To ensure that files are up to date and coverage is maintained, customers should:

  1. Review coverage details: Renewal time is the right time to assess a farm's risks and determine if last year's coverage will meet this year's needs. Customers should contact Agricorp to make changes by December 20. If no changes are needed, contracts are automatically renewed based on last year's coverage details.
  2. Update and return tree or vine inventory form (included in renewal packages) by December 20: Report any tree or vine removals or new plantings. Giving complete and accurate details reduces time spent on follow-up. It also ensures that customers pay only for the coverage they need and receive the correct compensation in the event of a loss.
  3. Pay premium deposit by December 20.  

For more information about Production Insurance for fruit crops, fruit trees and grape vines, visit the following sections of

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