Frequently asked questions about damage reporting

​​​​​​​Production Insurance is designed to help Ontario producers facing challenging crop conditions. It covers weather events such as excess rainfall,  yield reductions and production loss.

Agricorp works with producers on a case-by-case basis, answering questions about program coverage and helping them through the claim process. Production Insurance participants who notice damage to their crop(s) need to report it to Agricorp. See answers to some common questions about reporting damage below.

When should I report crop damage?

As soon as producers notice damage or potential damage to their crop(s), they should contact Agricorp immediately by calling 1-888-247-4999.

What happens after I report damage?

When a producer calls Agricorp to report damage, a damage report is filed and a notice is forwarded to the producer's assigned adjuster. The producer's adjuster may contact them to schedule a farm visit to inspect the damaged crop(s).

What should I do with damaged acreage?

Producers should take all reasonable steps to prevent further damage to the crop(s) and any other insured crops until Agricorp provides the next steps.

Why is it important to report damage right away?

The sooner an adjuster inspects the damaged crop(s) and explains the options, the better. This allows time to assess the situation and make any necessary arrangements for the crop(s). Producers should keep their business information up to date so that their coverage stays up to date for when it's needed. Working with an adjuster as soon as possible also ensures more accurate and timely claim payments.

What are my options if I need to replant?

If a producer has to replant after damage to a crop or crops, they may be eligible for the reseeding benefit. The reseeding benefit gives producers options to optimize their yields, covers all insured perils, and reflects the average costs of seed, tillage and planting. This benefit helps producers cover the costs of replanting some or all crops that experience damage resulting in poor emergence or thin plant populations.

As soon as producers see damage, they should report it to Agricorp and contact any third-party consultants they may need to work with, such as certified crop advisors, seed dealers or professional pest advisors. An adjuster will contact producers within 48 hours to start an assessment. Adjusters may assess the following over the phone or in person:

  • Crop's potential to reach maturity
  • Third-party inspection reports
  • The use of good farm management practices, including having and following a reasonable plan for crop management
  • What peril caused the damage
  • Growing conditions in the area

For more information about eligibility, producers can read the ​Assurance During Planting feature sheet. They can also contact Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999 to discuss eligibility.

What other programs are available?

AgriStability – provides whole farm coverage for large margin declines caused by adverse market conditions, production losses or increased production costs.

Risk Management Program – covers losses caused by fluctuating commodity prices and production costs.

For a complete list of programs delivered by Agricorp, see Programs on

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