2018: Year in review

December 27, 2018

​​​2018 has been an unpredictable and difficult year for many farmers across Ontario. Agricorp's focus this year has been on helping farmers understand programs and on making things a little easier for customers. As the year ends, Agricorp wants to thank farmers for their active participation in the business risk management programs.

In the spring, many farmers had a late start to planting as much of Ontario faced snow and cool temperatures into April. Fortunately, warm and sunny days in May allowed farmers to get their crops in the ground. For those who faced challenging planting conditions, Production Insurance helped by paying $8.6 million in reseeding payments.

During the growing season, farmers across the province saw prolonged periods of both dry and wet weather. This resulted in forage customers receiving $3.4 million in insufficient rainfall payments and nearly $1 million in excess rainfall payments for the forage rainfall plan. Wet weather towards the end of the growing season caused a rise in the amount of DON (deoxynivalenol), mainly in western and southwestern Ontario, resulting in difficulties for corn farmers and the industry as a whole. Agricorp will continue to work with customers into 2​​019 as the situation continues.

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership agreement on agricultural policies and programs came into effect this year as the new policy framework for programs like AgriStability and Production Insurance. With this agreement came changes to AgriStability, most notably for customers who trigger the reference margin limit. This change guarantees a producer at least 70 per cent of their average net income (their reference margin) – no matter how low their expenses are.

Livestock farmers are especially impacted by fluctuating markets, which can affect their net income. This year they received $4.5 million in 2017 AgriStability payments, with 40 per cent going to swine farmers. Greenhouse growers received $3.6 million in 2017 AgriStability payments.

As more information becomes available, 2018 programs will continue to respond into the new year with payments going out for Production Insurance, the Risk Management Program, and AgriStability.​