2021 Production Insurance reminders for fruit

​January 25, 2021

Now that Ontario fruit growers have their Production Insurance coverage in place for the 2021 crop year, here are some program updates and reminders.

Coverage extended for on-farm labour disruptions due to COVID-19

Coverage that was added in 2020 for production losses caused by on-farm labour disruptions due to COVID-19 has been extended for the 2021 program year. For 2021, coverage includes fruit trees and vines. To learn more, read Coverage for production losses caused by labour disruption due to COVID-19.

Premium deposits waived

Due to the current uncertainties growers may be facing, Agricorp has waived the premium deposit to allow for more time to assess individual circumstances and make informed decisions on insurance coverage. Instead of paying a premium deposit, growers will receive an invoice for the full amount of their premium in the spring of 2021.

Refreshed policy documents

Agricorp understands an easier-to-read insurance renewal and policy can give growers more confidence in making decisions. With customer needs top of mind, Agricorp has introduced a refreshed renewal notice and Contract of Insurance for Production Insurance fruit policies. These updates are another way Agricorp is making it easier to do business with us.

Same terms. Easier read.

Agricorp refreshed the Contract of Insurance for Production Insurance using plain language – it's shorter and easier to read, so customers can find what they need more quickly. Understanding the contract is important because it protects customer interests if a loss occurs. It is Agricorp's promise to pay when certain, defined events occur in the future. The terms and conditions are the same but customers will need less time to review the contract because it uses clear language, has fewer pages, and gives them more confidence when making decisions.

Same insurance. New look.

The refreshed renewal notice makes it easier for customers to find the important information they need to know about their annual coverage. While the Production Insurance program and participation activities are still the same, the refreshed renewal notice means less paper and mail, and is easier to review and understand.

Everything you need to know about your policy is on has all the information that growers need to participate. Simply select a commodity on the homepage to find program information for a specific operation. has:

To learn more, see Same insurance. New look.