2021 harvest reminders for corn and soybeans

​November 15, 2021

Corn and soybean harvest season is here, and Agricorp's priorities are to make sure farmers have the information they need about their program coverage, when they need it, and to assist them with any questions or claims they may have.

Reporting yields

Ontario farmers have until December 15 to report corn and soybean yields, but it's best not to wait for the deadline. The sooner yields are reported, the sooner Agricorp can process potential payments.

If conditions delay harvest beyond the yield-reporting deadline, customers still need to call Agricorp to report a partial yield.

Self-declared yield reporting kits are available online

In response to customer feedback, Agricorp will no longer automatically mail out the multi-page printed version of the self-declared yield kit. Anyone who wishes to refer to these instructions and fillable worksheets to help determine yields can find them at If farmers would like a paper copy of the self-declared yield kit or written confirmation of their reported yield, they can call Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999 or send an email to with "Production Insurance" in the subject line.

What if there is crop damage?

Every year, situations can vary from region to region, field to field, and even within fields. Production Insurance provides yield-based coverage that gives customers a guaranteed level of production. This guarantee is based on the customer's historical yields and the coverage level they select.

Customers should report crop damage to Agricorp, so employees can help them understand how their coverage works in their individual situations and walk them through the process.

Production Insurance also includes features such as the corn salvage benefit for sample grade corn or corn affected by Deoxynivalenol (DON).

Claim prices are available on the program pages for corn and soybeans.

Payments are faster with direct deposit

By signing up for direct deposit, farmers receiving payments can get cash in the bank five to seven days faster. They can find details and sign up at

How do strong yields affect coverage?

A year with strong yields can lead to higher Production Insurance coverage in future years, when farmers need it most. Because Production Insurance coverage is based on a farmer's individual yield history, an above-average yield raises their average farm yield (AFY). The higher the AFY, the higher the level of production Agricorp guarantees. For more information, read the Yield  Buffering feature sheet.

Higher yields also help keep base premium rates stable and can lead to individual premium discounts. Details can be found on the Discounts and Surcharges feature sheet.

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