Watch now – AgriStability Video Shorts

​September 18, 2023

Looking for a simple, concise explanation of how AgriStability works? AgriStability Video Shorts can help.

These short videos provide an easy way to learn about the key elements of AgriStability, including:

  • Allowable income and expenses
  • Production margins and reference margins
  • How payments are calculated

To watch these new videos, visit the AgriStability – How it works page on

About AgriStability

AgriStability is an important part of a comprehensive suite of risk management programs. The program is available for all farms, including those with supply-managed commodities.

AgriStability helps cover large declines in farming income caused by production loss, increased costs, or market conditions.

If a farm's net income (production margin) falls below 70% of their recent average net income (their reference margin), AgriStability helps to offset the difference.